Selective High School Preparation Course


2018 Year 9 Entry to Selective High Schools

Boys Only : Melbourne High School (

Girls Only : The Mac.Robertson Girls’ High School (

Coeducational : Nossal Hgih Schoopl ( Suzanne Cory High School (


 This course has been structured to accommodate the academic standards for students who are interested in sitting the Selective High School Entrance Test in June 2018. Students who participate in this course will also have the advantage of getting ahead. There is a focus in this course for Maths as when students take the Selective High School Entrance Test, they can benefit from understanding some of the concepts taught in Year 9. There will also be a particular focus on improving Verbal and Numerical Reasoning, Comprehension and writing skills to help students maximise their marks.

 It is essential to understand that during the years of high school, students become more vulnerable to ineffective study habits in the absence of continuing guidance and coaching. Our years of successful results clearly indicate that Pre-Uni New College has the best academic formula to help your child overcome these issues and excel.


2016 Term 3/4 Year 7 (in 2016) SHS Preparation Course Timetable

Course Session Time Class Location
Writing & English Sat. AM 9:00 am – 11:00 am Burwood
Maths Sat. AM 11:00 am – 1:00 pm Burwood
Trial Test Sat. PM 1:30 am – 4:30 pm Burwood
G.A  (verbal reasoning & numerical reasoning)  will start from term 1 of 217 till term 2 of 2017


SHSPC Course

SHSPC (Selective High School Preparation Course) includes: Writing, English, Maths, Verbal Reasoning, Numerical Reasoning and Trial Tests. This course is designed to help students develop a solid foundation in each and every one of the aforementioned subjects. Each area of study is taught according to our own syllabus and taking this course allows students to build a solid foundation for the Selective High School Entrance test. Additionally, students are able to learn and practise important exam techniques from completing the mock tests provided in the Trial Test section of this course. Our practise papers are designed and formatted to replicate the Selective High School Entrance Test that students will take in 2017 in June. Practising with our mock tests will allow students to become better prepared when it comes to the real thing. Our teachers will guide students along the way, and teach them important exam techniques that will help your child achieve their academic goal!

  • Writing: Provides most efficient skills in organising writing structure with a focus on developing critical thinking and reasoning skills.
  • English: Focuses on reading skills and practising reading comprehension & multiple choice questions.
  • Maths: Essential tuition for students to completely understand mathematical theories, principles and formulas to solve problems. The maths covered in this course also goes beyond what is taught in year 7. This is because Selective High Schools are looking for students who are able to demonstrate that they are capable of grasping concepts that are more advanced than the normal year 7 syllabus.
  • Verbal Reasoning: Ranges from basic vocabulary and punctuation to logical thinking. Students will be able to enhance their understanding of the English language and inference skills.
  • Numerical Reasoning: Deals with applying mathematical logic and concepts to an array of complicated questions that requires coherent logical thinking. While students are practising these question types, they will learn to think outside the box and acquire wider thinking.
  • Trial Tests: Focuses on the completion of various exams under the strict time limit as well as the development of important exam techniques.


2016 Term 3/4 Year 7 (in 2016) SHTTC Course Fee

Course Name Session Starting Date Tuition Fee per lesson No. of weeks Material Fee Total *Special Offer
Writing & English Saturday 16/07 $60 10 $40 $640 $1,065 $1577.50*
Maths Saturday 16/07 $50 10 $50 $550
Trial Test Saturday 16/07 $70 10 N/A $700 N/A
  • Special Offer – If you enrol in all the classes (Writing & English, Maths and Trial Test) you are eligible for a special discounted price of $1577.50.
  • Credit Card Payment Surcharge – Please be aware that a 1.5% surcharge will apply to credit card payments.