Scholarship and Accelerated Entry Exam

Pre-Uni New College service Scholarship preparation designed to maximize student performance in the Scholarship and Accelerated Entry Exam. All exam types (Edutest, ACER and AAS) are covered and and qualified teachers provide examples and teach efficient and effective techniques for interpreting questions and working towards the correct solutions. If you are confident with your child potential for a scholarship or accelerated entry exam then we recommend strongly.

Exam Preparation Workshops

Each subject questions types are covered and students receive instruction on the best strategies for answering each style of question. it short intensive workshop that teach techniques to help you perform at your best. it is covered with all subjects, Creative writing and Opinion writing, Mathematics, Reading Comprehension, Verbal reasoning, Numerical reasoning and Abstract reasoning.

Practice Exams

These are fundamental to our program. Every practice exam comes with complete performance analysis with detailed explanation for every answer. We provide you with the most authentic testing experience outside of the actual exam. Results are handed back to students and parents within 15 minutes of the conclusion of the exam with written explanations. All students must have undertaken a workshop to sit a Practice exam.

Interview Preparation

With our years of experience, we have amassed a large number of questions that may be asked in the interview. Please contact our staff for a copy of these questions when you have been called for an interview. We also conduct a one and a half hour mock interview to assist your child.

Application Assistance

We assist with a detailed application or portfolio to present at the time of your child’s registration, exam or interview.