Recent NAPLAN data shows ACT tops reading while Victoria dominates numeracy

  • 04/08/2016


    Specific data on each of the nation’s 10,000 schools will not be released until next year, however the principal of Gilroy Catholic College in Sydney’s Castle Hill, Cheryl Merryweather, said the school had high expectations.

    “We always hope our results will remain the same or improve every year, however having said that we will do what we always do,” she said.

    “We look at our results and analyse our results so we can see where our deficits are, and then we create an action plan surrounding that.

    “So we’re responsive to each student and we’re also responsive to each teacher as far as the classroom goes.”

     preuni Classroom

    While they are just preliminary, the results show how the states and territories are performing against each other.

    The ACT performed the best overall in reading and grammar, while Victoria dominated the writing and numeracy categories.

    For the second year in a row, Queensland and Western Australia showed the most improvement.

    Mr Randall said it was too early to analyse the results, but said ACARA would work with the states and territories to determine why there had been improvements and losses.

    “The data allow us to celebrate success and to identify areas for improvement,” he said.

    “It also contributes to the sharing of successful strategies within and across states and territories, with the goal of improving learning across the country.”


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