Practice Exam

Scholarship Trial Test Course

We provide you with the most authentic testing experience outside of the real exam.

The purpose of the practice exam is to give an exam experience as close as possible to the real exam.  This type of practice is known to improve a student’s performance by a factor of ten percent when compared to students who have not had any such experience.  For many winners that 10% makes the difference, but for the student who is a little bit further down the list, that 10% would lift their position but still not take them into the winning bracket.

Use our practice exam to relieve anxiety, increase confidence and provide your student with more questions to review prior to the real exam. We believe that one of the best ways to prepare for the real exam is to practice as you would on exam day.

With correctors on site, you will receive within 15 minutes of your child completing the exam:

  • all corrected multiple choice question answer sheets
  • corrected essay papers with teacher comments


Our comprehensive practice exam guide provides explanations of answers , an analysis of the results and tips on what you can do after the practice exam.