WEMG stands for Writing, English, Mathematics and General Ability. This course is a comprehensive program consisting of advanced classes in the aforementioned areas of studies. These classes are conducted by fully experienced and qualified teachers. The course material will allow students to adequately revise, review and practice the new knowledge they had learnt in class. The WEMG course will make sure students become well prepared for scholarship tests as well as academic acceleration.


Providing students with the most efficient skills of organization of information whilst focusing on developing critical thinking and reasoning skills


Encouraging constant interaction between students and teachers when reading and answering questions; the focus of this part of the course is in developing advanced reading skills as well as practicing reading comprehension and language convention type questions


Helping students to better understand mathematical theories, principles and formulae to solve mathematical problems; students will be exposed to a variety of practical questions.
Students are allocated into groups with other students at a similar level. This customised learning experience ensures efficient learning.


Well-organised material covers a variety of practical and challenging questions that are often found on Scholarship Exams as well as Selective High School Entry Tests. After the completion of this course, the mind stimulating teaching methods will ensure that students become equipped with various problem solving skills and techniques that will improve their performance in exams.

Novel Study

Our carefully selected novels expose young minds to the very best of English literature. This component is added to build up students’ confidence and fluency in English. The course demands close review of the text through a weekly set of comprehension questions for each chapter.

Each term, students are tested in the four subjects (excluding Novel Study) and then are provided with a detailed report. This report highlights their strengths and weaknesses.The WEMG course is complemented by Cyberschool, on online platform where students can log on at home to review each lesson. Every question in each module is clearly explained on Cyberschool, and this will provide helpful reinforcement of knowledge learnt in class. After registering for Cyberschool students and parents will have access to WEMG video lessons, WEMG module answers, and other useful educational resources.

STTC (Selective Trial Test Course)

STTC is a comprehensive program designed for year 4/5 students. This course aims to prepare students for the Selective High School Exam that usually take place during June of each year. Attending the Pre-Uni New College’s STTC course has shown to be a significant factor in ensuring success in the Selective High School Placement Test. The course is unique in that it allows students to practice exam style questions under exam conditions. By sitting for Pre-Uni New College Selective Trial Tests, your child will systematically revise the entire course and be confidently prepared for the actual placement test. The STTC will help your child to manage his or her time efficiently, minimize errors, overcome exam nervousness and perform at his or her optimum level under examination conditions. This excellent course brings us an outstanding success rate every year. Together with the STTC, we will help our students to reach their full potential before the actual exam date and build their confidence to succeed.

  • Total of 3942 selective placement exam-style questions are available for students under exam conditions
  • Relevant and relevant questions are constantly being developed by our specialists based on the recent most recent exam questions released by each of the different Scholarship Test Providers. Feedback from our previous students who are top achievers is also taken into consideration when preparing these questions. (Annually, more than 30% of questions are updated, for example, essay writing topics and Maths and General Ability questions.)

Special Writing Course

Creative Writing Course will support students’ development of technical and creative writing skills. It will cover areas including grammar, spelling and punctuation that pertain to specific text types as is required in the children’s current English Curriculum. This course will assist children to develop their narrative, descriptive, persuasive and explanatory writing skills so they can become proficient writers across all key learning areas.

Throughout this course, students will learn how to develop and improve their individual skills in:

* Their general knowledge * Syntax * Grammar * Text structure
*Use effective vocabulary * Spelling *Punctuation * Sentence structure

The aim of this course is to target students’ individual needs in writing so they can become more confident, capable and proficient writers. It will assist students with their individual performance in all written tasks in the classroom as well as formalised tests such as NAPLAN, the Selective High School Entrance Exam and ICAS Competitions.