2017 Winter Holiday

Winter Holiday Special Writing, GA and Science (10 – 14 July)

Pre-Uni New College’s winter holiday programs are structured to accommodate for our students’ high academic standards. Utilizing the school holiday period is important, Students need to begin the new term equipped with the ability and self-confidence to achieve academic success.

The Special G.A. lessons will focus on the specific types of General Ability questions asked in the OC Placement Test. Students will be introduced to each of the concepts, be encouraged to practice solving the questions under the guidance of a teacher and will receive helpful tips and strategies. Students will then apply their knowledge at home by answering questions assigned for homework.

The Special Writing lessons is aimed at developing students’ writing skills through guided teaching exercises such as describing, explaining, recording information and persuading. Through Narratives, Discussions, Explanations, Information Reports and Creative Writing, students will learn about the structure of different text types, common grammatical patterns and the structure required of each text type. Students will also learn how to express their thoughts and feelings in an imaginative and unique way.

The Science lessons is designed to give students a basic knowledge of science and engage in preparing the students with a solid foundation for future studies in science world.

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