2017 Spring Holiday

Spring Holiday Course (2 – 6 October)

Pre-Uni New College’s winter holiday programs are structured to accommodate for our students’ high academic standards. Utilizing the school holiday period is important, Students need to begin the new term equipped with the ability and self-confidence to achieve academic success.

Scholarship Preparation Course for 2018 (Year 3 in 2017)  – click more details Year 3 – Spring Holiday Course

Pre-Uni New College’s Trial Test – Year 5 Entry Course (TTC 5) is significant for students who intend to sit for the Year 5 Entry to Scholarship/Selective Test. 

This course is specifically designed for current Year 3 students and consists of weekly tests which assess knowledge and performance under exam conditions. By sitting Trial Tests, students systematically revise the entire course and can be confidently prepared for scholarship test.

The TTC 5 is unique as it allows students to practise exam style questions under exam conditions. While the answer sheets are being marked, teachers review the entire test paper with particular focus on difficult questions. Each question is explained thoroughly step-by-step. Students receive their individual results at the end of each session as a record of their performance.

The Special G.A and Writing (Year 4 in 2017)  – click more details Year4 – Spring Holiday Course

The Spring Holiday Special G.A. & Writing Course is an intensive holiday course to reinforce students’ general ability & writing skills to prepare for the selective high school placement tests. It consists of 5 days of Writing in the morning and G.A in the afternoon.

Scholarship Mock Test for 2018 (Year 5 in 2017)  – click more details Year 5 – Spring Holiday Course

Pre-Uni New College’s Trial Test – Year 7 Entry Course (TTC 7) is significant for students who intend to sit for the Year 7 Entry to Scholarship/Selective Test. 

The Year 5 Selective Trial Test Course (STTC) will continue throughout the spring holiday period. It will be an intensive practice test course consisting of two sessions (English, Writing, Mathematics and General Ability test) per day over four days which is the equivalent to 8 weeks of regular Selective Trial Test term course.