Interview Preparation

With years of experience, we have amassed a large number of questions that may be asked in an interview.  We can assist your child by conducting a one and a half hour mock interview to help your child familiarise themselves with common questions and speak confidently.

This includes also assisting your child to make up a portfolio about themselves, which will help them to remember what things they can talk about confidently.  We will go through their portfolio and make suggestions as to how to present their interests and achievements while considering what to add or omit.

Our interviewers have expertise in drawing out the skills that a child has, and needs to be able to display.  Those conducting the real interviews will be adept in forming judgement about the students and their families.  Only rarely will they award a scholarship to an unsuitable person.  The danger is that an acceptable person may be overlooked because he/she did not handle the interview well, thus being rejected in favor of another suitable candidate.

We are readily available to schedule appointments on short notice when you are notified of your interview date.