2019 Summer Holiday Course

Pre-Uni New College will offer its Summer Holiday Course that will be held from Monday 7th January 2019.

Summer school holiday period is the ideal time to consolidate the previous work and preview what is to come in the next term. This holiday program will assist students in making a distinct improvement in their academic skills and make your child to begin the new term armed with the ability and confidence to achieve the best results in their school assessment tasks.

Please click and find more details information – time schedule and tuition fee

Year 1 (in 2019) Summer Holiday Newsletter

Year 2 (in 2019) Summer Holiday Newsletter

Year 3 (in 2019) Summer Holiday Newsletter

Year 4 (in 2019) Summer Holiday Newsletter ** We highly recommend our special summer holiday courses to students who will sit for the Year 5 Entry – Scholarship Tests in 2019.

Year 5 (in 2019) Summer Holiday Newsletter

Year 6 (in 2019) Summer Holiday Newsletter

** It will be the last holiday programme we provide for the intensive preparation work before their Scholarship Tests from February to March 2019 and Select Entry Accelerated Learning (SEAL) program from March to April 2019.