Welcome to Pre-Uni New College

Pre-Uni New College enjoys a reputation for being one of the most successful coaching colleges in Australia. The college was established over 20 years ago and provides high-quality coaching for students from year Prep to year 12. Our coaching system is implemented by experienced teachers using high quality text books and a comprehensive curriculum. We enjoy modern, clean learning facilities including online support classes which create an optimal learning environment for success.

2022 Term 3

2022 Term 3 Course– Enrolment Now Open !!

It is designed to provide an advanced curriculum and involves a significant commitment to the module of work in Writing, English, Mathematics and General Ability. Taking this course allows students to build a solid foundation and have the advantage of getting ahead.

PREUNI PRIMARY 2022 TERM 3 _ timetable & fee

PREUNI SECONDARY 2022 TERM 3 _ timetable & fee

Academic Assessment

If you are not sureshutterstock_172115972 where your child is academically and whether your child should sit a scholarship or entrance exam, Academic Assessment will assist in providing you with clarity. It is taken 2 hours including up to thirty minutes marked and then we will provide an accurate level of your child’s performance. Also we will sit with you and review your child’s comprehensive test results. it is FREE of charge in 2022.

  • We will advise you of the likelihood of your child winning a scholarship or gaining a place.
  • We will make recommendations for further development.
  • We will advise you if you should go ahead with any of our classes.
  • We will prioritise which classes would be the most helpful to your student.